Working in the Future Without Business Cards

Business card collecting used to be a sport for some people. They used to pride themselves on having a rolodex filled with business cards or a business card wallet.

You used to meet someone new and the first thing they would do is hand you their business card. It was a way of making a first impression without saying a word. You could judge people or their brand, based on their card alone… What kind of paper did they use? How heavy was the card stock? Ink color? Font? Modern design or classic?

And then shortly after meeting someone, their business card got filed somewhere, added to a pile, thrown away, or found its way to the bottom of a bag or briefcase and maybe you’d come across it at some point in the future and you might even recognize the name on the card.

Linkedin has 2 features which make connecting fast and make business cards obsolete:

Option 1. Use personal QR code to get quick access to LinkedIn profiles.

1. On LinkedIn mobile app, select the QR code icon in the search bar. 2. Choose to view your own scan code and or scan someone else’s. 3. Once you scan someone’s QR code, you are automatically taken to their profile where you can easily connect. 4. You also have the option of saving your personal scan code to photos or sharing it.

Option 2. Use LinkedIn’s Find Nearby Feature.

1. On LinkedIn mobile app, tap the My Network icon. 2. Tap Find nearby at the top of the screen. 3. Enable bluetooth sharing, if prompted. 4. Anyone around who has also enabled bluetooth sharing for LinkedIn will appear on your screen and you can either connect to them or, if you are already connected, you can send them a message.

Will Business Cards Survive?

Probably not. It’s time to let business cards take the same path as the rolodex, the address book and the phone tethered to the wall. It’s true, we would no longer be able to enter some random drawing for some useless prize by simply throwing our card into a jar. And I’m sure there are some people who don’t like to keep their phone out at a networking event – but think about how much easier it now is to connect and keep everything in one place.

Now, if LinkedIn would just provide a way to voice transcribe notes on the someone’s profile, we’d be all set.

(Photo Credits: Pixabay )

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