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Unhappy? Music Can Change Your Mood!

Music is great for changing your mood. It can reduce stress, motivate you, and remind you of something fun. It is said that songs that are upbeat, have a fast tempo, are easy to dance to, or that have happy lyrics are the best to listen to if you want to change your mood.

Believe it or not, there are some things to do and to avoid:

Things to Do:

  1. Sing in the shower. Loudly. Don’t worry if you think you don’t sing well. Everything sounds better in the shower anyway! Be silly while you sing. Don’t just sing dull songs. Sing songs from you childhood. Try to hit high and low notes that you’ve never been able to hit before. Laugh when you feel you sound silly.

  2. Listen to Music While Cleaning and Exercising. People who listen to music while cleaning or exercising enjoy it much more and tend to be more productive.

  3. Listen to Music in the Car. Turn off talk radio and traffic reports and listen to your favorite music station and sing along!

  4. Smile While You Sing. That’s right, smile while you sing. Smiling actually releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel happier and less stressed.

Things to Avoid:

  1. Don’t Listen to Music that is Sad or a Slow Beat. There is nothing wrong with sad or slow music, but it will not be as effective to help put you in a happier mood.

  2. Don’t Listen to Music that Brings Up a Sad Memory. This is a big don’t. If you listen to music that reminds you of a bad experience or something you regret, not only won’t it help your mood, it could actually make it worse.

Try This: Keep an ongoing list of songs which make you happy. Add to the list whenever you hear something that makes you smile – really smile. And when you are feeling like you need to boost your mood, look at the list and select one of the songs. Then either start singing it or listen to it and start moving. You will find your mood will change quickly – and if it doesn’t, find another song on your list.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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