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Successful People Know That Life Is All About Choices

All day you make choices. In fact, almost everything you do is a choice. Once you accept this, and realize how your life is in your control, you will start to make better choices.

Look at how you begin your typical day. You chose what time to set your alarm. You choose whether to hit snooze or turn off your alarm. You choose to get out of bed. You’re barely awake and you’ve already made 3 choices.

What’s next? Do you exercise? Do you eat? Do you shower? Do you make your bed? What order to do you do things in before you get dressed? What are you going to wear? Should you check the weather? Will you need a coat? Should you go to work? Should you stop for coffee or will it make you late?

….You get the idea. Each day, you make hundreds of choices. Once you realize life is made of choices, you will be more conscious of the choices you make.

Successful people make conscious choices all day long.

Successful people are aware of the choices they are making all day long. They take responsibility for their choices and are accountable for the results. Because they focus not only on the choices and the potential outcomes, they choose the direction they want to take and they set out to meet their goals. Their choices revolve around how to succeed in spite of things that may get in their way:

They choose to overcome obstacles and keep driving forward.

They choose to ignore naysayers.

They chose to work around people and/or circumstances standing in their way.

They choose to try again if something doesn’t work the first time.

They choose to not rely on excuses but to embrace lessons learned.

They choose to take the time to read or use other ways to continually learn.

Once you recognize that life is all about choices, you will begin to better meet your personal and professional goals.

Be Honest With Yourself

Language plays a large part in how we view life. If you want to make your choices more intentional, STOP using phrases that sound like you have no choice.

You don’t have to skip a night out with your friends so you can work on a project for work. You are CHOOSING to work on that project because you are hoping to get a bonus.

You don’t have to have a new car because everyone else has a new car, you CHOOSE to have one, knowing that it will drive you further into debt.

You don’t have to give up on opening your own business because you can’t get a loan, you CHOOSE to approach potential investors to pitch your idea.

Take a moment and think about the choices you make!

(Photo Credits: Pixabay )

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