Stop Using Excuses – They Don’t Work

One of my former colleagues was late to work every day. She would run in, all flustered, mumbling a short apology and blaming the subway, the bus, the rain, the elevator - whatever she could think of. One day, our boss said to her, "there is no such thing as an excuse." All flustered she blamed the bus. She couldn't help it. There was traffic. Our boss countered with "There is always a potential for traffic, you should have left earlier."

We’ve all seen this. We’ve all had friends who tell you they haven’t called because they are too busy at work. Really? For 3 months? Sorry. There is no such thing as an excuse.

Your dog ate your homework. No. You should have put it away. There is no such thing as an excuse.

I don’t know how to….. Is it important to you? Then learn how. These days, you can learn almost anything online. There is no such thing as an excuse.

The one I catch myself using regularly is “I don’t have time for exercise.” In truth, I don’t make the time for exercise. I’m guilty. But why? Is it that exercise is not important to me? It is! Is it not a priority? It is! I guess it just isn’t as high a priority as some of the other things I have to do. If I want to make this a priority, I need to make the time for it. So now I am making a conscious effort to make exercising a priority. Exercising every day for at least 20 minutes (and hopefully more) is my goal for the next 30 days.

Stop Lying to Yourself! Everyone does this from time to time. You come up with an excuse for why you can’t accomplish something and you repeat so many times, you start to believe it.

No One Believes You But You If you think you are getting away with these excuses, think again. More often than not, the person that you are talking to is just being nice and really doesn’t believe your excuses. In many cases, you just look silly.

It’s Really Up to You Make a conscious effort to be honest with yourself. Once you admit the truth to yourself, you can start to think about changing.

Try This 1. Start paying attention to how many times you make excuses. Write them down. 2. After a few days, read back over your list. 3. What have you learned? What should you be doing better, differently? 4. Create new goals based on what you need to change.

What’s the worst excuse you’ve ever heard? Share it in the comments box below.

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