Role Models are Everywhere

Role models are everywhere and for everyone. The best lessons I have learned are not from books and not in school. The most valuable lessons are from people I know (some only virtually).

You are never too old to have a role model. Almost every person in your life can teach you something worthwhile. You can learn from people’s success and from people’s mistakes.

Whom do you admire and why?

What is it about them that you like?

How do they communicate with others?

How do they show respect? Gratitude?

What strengths do they demonstrate regularly?

Watch them closely and learn new behaviors. Then try those behaviors out for yourself.

Take on these new behaviors slowly as people will give you feedback. Listen to the feedback openly and make adjustments to the behaviors.

…and keep trying.

Do you have a role model? Do you have more than one? Set a goal to notice what people are doing right and learn from them.

….and keep growing


Originally published at (October, 2017)

Photo Credits: Pixabay