Putting Life in Perspective

I have been thinking about this lately. You may think of this as morbid, but take a second to step out of your comfort zone. By looking at life in terms of limited time, you begin to focus on the things you value most.

So I ask, how would it change your life if you knew you only had a set number of days, months, or years to live?

Think about it for a second.

Would you focus on the people you love?

Would you want to try new experiences?

Would you be more honest with your opinions?

Would you dress differently?

Would you make a point to say goodbye to people or not tell anyone?

Would you move to another place?

Would you travel more?

Would you make amends with people you have slighted?

These are just some of the potential questions you can ask yourself.

Why is this important? Because every single one of the answers you give to this question reveals more about what is truly important to you, your values.

People who live life close to their authentic selves, more aligned with their values, are overall happier.

Everything in life is about choices. Even deciding not to make a choice is a choice. With a few exceptions, there are no right and wrongs when deciding what makes us comfortable.

One of the problems today is that so many people feel the pressure to conform. Everything is in the public view, and public humiliation and the fear of being humiliated prevents people from doing what is important to them. But at what cost?

Put it all in perspective and ask yourself what would be truly important to you if you only had a limited time left to live.

And then ask yourself... Why not start to live that life today?

photo credits: Pixabay