Making Your Dreams a Reality

Sometimes when we think of dreams and goals, we think of large life changing accomplishments - things like buying a new house, changing careers, moving to a new city, etc. For many people, just the thought of making these changes is overwhelming. This is the reason dreams and goals need to be broken down into doable tasks.

Tasks helps us to better focus and gives us a greater chance of achieving the overall dream or goal. After breaking everything down into small steps, it is easier to manage what can be achieved in a day, week or month.

__________________________________________________ Small steps will add up to big accomplishments.


Here are my goals (in no particular order) for next month. I am sharing them so you can see how they have been broken down into smaller accomplishments.


One thing I have learned about baking bread is that it takes lots of tries to get the result you want. Recipes are not difficult to follow, but it doesn't mean the texture, taste, etc. is exactly what you are looking for. To get a bread to be what I want it to be, it typically takes at least a few tries as well as experimenting with different techniques. Two breads I want to perfect during June are onion rolls and baguettes. I used to get onion rolls when I was younger and have never found anything that came close. Baguettes can easily be a staple in my house, so perfecting them would be fantastic.


I have an overarching goal to completely clean out my house and get rid of and donate everything I don't need. Smaller spaces may be done without planning, but larger spaces take some time. Sometimes it is just a closet and other times it is an entire room. The focus for June will be my office. I work better in a very organized space and lately, it seems as though I have accumulated too many papers, books, etc. in my office. It's time for all of this to go.

Diet and Fitness My overall goal is to slim down and get in shape. Since I have been working from home, I find that I don't walk nearly as much as when I was working in the city and it shows! Last month, I started a challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day (find more about my progress and results here). The next step for me is better hydration... I don't drink enough water! I have already started to drink more and in June I will challenge myself to drink 9-12 cups a day.


I have put my business podcast on hold as things in the world are changing. The direction for this podcast will be changing and in June I will redesign the content for going forward. I will also continue to help others with their goals and will look to get 2 new clients in June. To do this I will need to schedule a number of consultations.

Goal Summary:

Perfect baking onion rolls and baguettes

Organize my office

Drink 9-12 cups of water a day

Decide on the direction of my podcast

Get 2 new clients

May has been a very difficult month as so many parts of our lives have changed. Staying at home has given me more time to reflect on where I am and where I want to be. It doesn't matter how old I get, I will always have dreams and goals, and now is no different as there are so many things I want to accomplish.

No one is ever too old to focus on their dreams!

Little steps will add up to big accomplishments! What are your goals?

Picture credits: Pixabay

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