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Less (Clutter) Is More (Happiness) – Finding Peace in Living More Simply

Having fewer things makes me happier. It took me some time to acknowledge this, because I was attached to my things. All my things. Everything I owned. Even the things I didn't remember owning because they were buried in my closet.

To me, clutter was a habit. On one level, it gave me satisfaction. It made me feel as though I’ve accomplished something. It made me feel successful to own many things.

In reality though, it caused stress. I always had to find a place for my things. And sometimes, when space was not readily available, I would put things anywhere. When I needed something, I couldn’t always find it. And things sometimes looked messy.

It also caused me stress because instead of doing things that I should have been doing (like working), I just wanted to organize my stuff. It caused me stress because it added so much to the amount of time it took me to clean my house. I had to organize my things before I could even start to clean.

So I started to declutter. I started slowly. What I found was the more things I got rid of, the more I wanted to get rid of. I also found the more organized I am, the more productive I am. Decluttering gives me an instant sense of accomplishment, even if I achieve a small decluttering task. So I encourage everyone to declutter.

The bottom line is that a decluttered home for me reduces stress and increases productivity and happiness. It worked for me!

Try This

  1. Set a timer for 15 minutes. By setting a time limit, this becomes a manageable, less overwhelming task. After all, you don’t have to declutter your entire house at once – just do a little every day.

  2. Throw out 25 pieces of trash and/or find 10 items to donate/give away. Immediately take the trash out and pack the items to donate/give away in a box and put the box in a place where you won’t regularly see it (e.g., trunk or garage).

  3. Take your donation out as soon as possible so you won’t be tempted to go through the items and put them back in your closet. If it takes a few days before you get rid of the box, fight the temptation to go through it!

  4. Repeat daily or weekly (whatever works for you).

  5. Enjoy your new space.

I’d love to hear from others that have found happiness through living a less cluttered life. Please feel free to share your comments.

(Photo Credits: Pixabay )

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