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I Am Finished With Diet Experts and Weight Loss Plans

I have been struggling with my weight for a while now.

Several years ago, I gave up the city life and moved to the suburbs - changing my mode of transportation from one that relied heavily on walking to one that relied heavily on sitting (riding). In the suburbs, I walked much less but didn't adjust my diet. That was a big mistake. Couple that with getting older and having a slower metabolism and the pounds started to pile on.

I needed to do something about this additional weight and tried many different options. Some worked at first, all eventually failed.

I tried Weight Watcher (now, WW). It was easy and there were very active chat groups. All I had to do was follow the points, right? Nope, weighing food doesn't work for me.

I tried a local plan which was a 10-week plan that got increasingly restrictive. I just needed to prep by filling different sized containers (which resembled different portion sizes) and then use those. No food weighing necessary! The plan got increasingly restrictive and I got increasingly frustrated. Restrictive is NOT for me.

I tried other things as well...

I tried Atkins and its newer version, KETO. Seriously, give up bread? No thanks.

I tried shakes, which are a nice supplement but (in my opinion) no way to live.

I tried the timing diets, eat more often (small meals every few hours), eat less often (intermittent fasting) - for me, these are just not sustainable solutions.

I tried high fiber and very low carbs as well as its cousin high protein and low carbs. Nope, still very restrictive.

It seems like everyone has a solution today and none of them are for me.

The truth is, I love food. I love to cook. I love to bake. I love to try new cuisines, new restaurants. I socialize over food and family get-togethers are ALWAYS around food.

Food is a BIG part of my life that I enjoy and I don't want to give it up... It is a struggle.

There are people all over the world who maintain a healthy weight without heavy restrictions. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to do that too. What is different?

The American diet is full of processed foods, large portions, and sugary drinks. Luckily, I gave up soda years ago - I can't imagine how I would look now if I hadn't. Yet, although I try to eat healthily, I still eat some processed food and an occasional large portion, and I never drink enough water.

These days, everyone seems to have a weight-loss solution. Diet experts have become a multi-million dollar industry which only yields partial success. I’ve given up on this and I am now focusing on a more common-sense and sustainable solution to weight loss. I have spoken to a couple of nutritionists I know and I think it is a good starting point. I will make adjustments to it as needed.

Here is my new plan:

  1. Drink lots of water, especially before meals.

  2. Fill my plate at each meal will have at least 50% vegetables

  3. Reduce/eliminate processed foods.

  4. Lean toward healthier whole-grain carbs.

  5. Eat slowly

  6. Try to walk every day.

  7. Do not eliminate entire food groups.

  8. Eat what I want, but smaller amounts of less healthy foods.

Some people may think this is wrong and maybe it is.

Some may think I will fail again and maybe I will.

I need to do what works for me, so now I am trying this - my common-sense, non-restrictive, no food weighing, no specialty foods diet.

Photo credits: Pixabay

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