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How Will You Be Remembered?

Every once in a while, something happens that puts it all in perspective and really makes you think. Do you every wonder what people would say about you if they knew they wouldn't see you again for a long time or forever?

Recently, I lost one of favorite my aunts. At the funeral, both of my cousins got up to speak about their mother and how she was not only a wonderful person, she was a wonderful mother – and she really was wonderful at both.

Later on, it got me thinking, what would my own children, my husband, or my friends say about me? How would I be remembered? What positive things would they say about me? What things would they prefer to keep to themselves? This was a real eye opener!

Some of the things I was happy about and some of the things well, ouch! I realized I am not yet the person I want to, hope to be. I need to evolve and grow into this person, and now I need to add some new personal goals. So here is the goal setting exercise I started. It will be ongoing.

Try This

  1. List 3 good things people would say about you.

  2. List 3 good things you wish were on the list that aren’t (yet). These are things that are realistic and doable. They may take some work, they may be a stretch, but they are doable.

  3. List 3 thoughts people would have about you but keep to themselves. These are things you want to change. Be honest with yourself but not too hard on yourself. List things that other people would keep to themselves, not things that only you would like to improve.

  4. Use #2 and #3 to set new personal goals.

  5. Every day, review you lists daily to stay focused and work on one small thing to make an improvement.

  6. Once you have accomplished one of these goals, replace it with another.

Tips Keep in mind when you are doing this two things:

  1. Be honest with yourself about is good and what you need to improve.

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’d love to hear if you’ve thought about this and how it has impacted your life.

Photo Credits: Pixabay


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