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Happiness is Contagious (and so is complaining)

My husband is very funny. He is always telling stories and making me laugh. The thing is, I start laughing before he even gets to the funny part. Why? Because he usually starts laughing half way through the story and I can't help but to start laughing with him. Has this ever happened to you?

This made me realize that laughing (and happiness) is contagious. When you are around someone who is really happy, not in a boasting way but deep down happy, it makes you a little happier too.

Conversely, when you are around someone who is always stressed or always complaining, that can impact you also.

I see this often on social media. Although I wouldn’t really consider Facebook a judge of reality because so many people use different a persona on social media, I have noticed when someone posts something nice and happy, the responses are typically nice and happy. And when someone posts a complaint, people like to jump on and join in, making it much bigger.

My question for you is who would you rather be around?

One way to increase how you feel on the inside is to change what you express on the outside. What you express creates reactions in other people and their reactions will impact how you feel.

Try This

  1. Take a day to not say anything negative. Just one day. If you catch yourself saying something negative, try to say something positive instead. If you do say something negative, keep track of how many negative things you say, or how often. You can even go so far as to write down the negative things you say. Be honest with yourself – if you say something negative, don’t deny it.

  2. Try again the next day by trying to say less negative things than the day before and continue each day to improve. Once you see how this will change not only your perspective but your relationships, make it a habit to say as few negative comments as possible.

Have you ever tried to stop complaining and show more happiness? I’d love to hear how you did this.

Photo Credits: Pixabay


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