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For Un-Valentine’s Day – 15 Signs of a Healthy Relationship for Friends, Family, and Couples

My husband and I began celebrating Valentine's day when we first started dating and we continued to celebrate through the first couple of years of marriage. Then we realized how silly we felt and started to celebrate "Un-Valentine's Day." It started as a joke between us and became a tradition. Every year, around mid-February, we make a point to go out on a date and call it Un-Valentine's Day.

So in honor of Un-Valentine’s Day (and Valentine’s Day for those that celebrate), here are 15 signs of a healthy relationship (without any pajama-grams, really large stuffed bears, etc.). There are different items I would include if it was just for friends or family or couples – but this is a list for all.

These are just signs, not requirements. A relationship can be healthy without having all of these:

1.  You enjoy spending time together.

2. You have private jokes, pet nicknames for each other or other people.

3. You’ve done some silly things together that you still laugh about.

4. You lend a non-judgmental ear when needed.

5. You work as a team.

6. You can share your fears, worries.

7. You seek and respect each others advice.

8. You show appreciation for big things and little.

9. You give each other personal space and privacy.

10. You encourage each other to grow.

11. You provide constructive criticism when needed.

12. You can do things separately.

13. You have disagreements but can come to a compromise/resolution.

14. You accept that the other is not perfect and choose to celebrate their talents/skills.

15. You don’t set unrealistic expectations.

Try This

  1. Review this list in terms of one of your relationships. Are there areas you want to improve? If no skip to step 3.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up over things that may not be perfect. Use this list to set some goals.

  3. Enjoy your relationships – it’s the part of life that can make us the happiest!

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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