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Even With Technology, People Will Always Need Other People

Just because we can doesn’t mean we always will...

We can often drive or get a ride, yet sometimes we choose to walk.

We can often buy pre-made food, yet sometimes we choose to cook.

We can converse by email and text, yet sometimes we choose to meet.

In the future….

Technology is evolving every day and every day we see many improvements to HR processes because of these technological advancements. For some needs, however, employees will still choose to deal directly with HR professionals, rather than machines.


Because it doesn’t matter how sophisticated our technology becomes, people will always need other people, people will always seek compassion, empathy and love. And even if machines can at some point emulate those feelings, people will still need the warmth that only connection with another human can provide.

…at least I hope so.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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