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Being Busy and Accomplishing Something Makes Us Happier

Recently, I noticed that very busy people have one thing in common - most are generally happy people. I was thinking about this the other day. I know people who just can't sit still. Some have to be out every single night. Others, need to always multitask. I even know people who refuse to take a beach vacation because sitting still makes them restless. They like to relax, but for them, sitting on a beach isn't relaxing.

Let’s be honest, sitting around with lots of extra time on your hands gets old and boring after a while. It’s good for a few days, for some even a few weeks or maybe even months – but sooner or later, everyone needs to get moving. People want to know that their life is meaningful, has a purpose. It doesn’t matter what that purpose is, but not having a purpose often leaves one feeling empty.

Just to be clear, downtime is necessary, for even the busiest of people, because it gives us time to recharge. I’ve just noticed people who are busy with some downtime are overall happier than people who have more downtime than busy time.

Think about the retiree than needs to start a new business, “just for something to do” or the new empty nesters that take up a hobby or travel more. They are happier being busy. They need something to fill the void. But you don’t need to have a big change in your life (retiring, kids leaving home) in order to need more.

Feeling a little blue? Focus your energy on something you want to do and feel better. Aside from the distraction, by accomplishing something, you actually feel happier. The satisfaction we feel when we complete something encourages us to do more.

Try This

  1. Make a list of small things you want to accomplish. List things that can be done in one sitting or in less than an hour or two. This list should be things you’ve been putting off as well as things you really want to do.

  2. Each day, take a look at the list and focus on one thing. After it’s done, cross it off the list.

  3. Continue to add small projects to your list as you think of them.

  4. Slowly, begin to add larger projects to the list.

  5. Enjoy your sense of accomplishment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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