8 Reasons to Write Every Day

"Write it down."

I can still hear my father's words after all these years. I remember it so clearly. I was in middle school and stressed about an argument I had earlier in the day. Since my father was someone who always had great advice, I would often go to him when I needed guidance.

"Write down everything you can think of - what happened, your thoughts, your fears, and what you think will happen," he continued.

I sat down and started writing. I wrote everything I could think of. When I finished writing, my father told me to put the notebook away. 

I look at him confused. He explained that sometimes in the heat of the moment, things seem more intense than they are. Putting the notebook away and reading my entry at a later date would let me see if the situation was as horrible as it felt when I wrote it.

He was right. I took the notebook out a year later and read my notes. What seemed so important then, meant nothing to me when I reread what I had written. It was a valuable lesson. It became one of the reasons I write every day. 

Writing every day has many benefits, some big, some small. It can help with many things. 

  • Organize your thoughts

  • Boost your memory

  • Relieve stress

  • Monitor progress on goals

  • Improve your mood

  • Generate new ideas

  • Keep a record of events

  • Write those funny thoughts or observations that only you think are funny

It really doesn't matter what you write about. It doesn't have to be grammatically perfect - no one is going to read it. It doesn't have to be consistent in its topic or length. The only rules that exist are the ones you create. It is for you and you alone.

Write in a physical notebook or journal (which I prefer) or keep a journal on your phone. It doesn't matter where you write, as long as you can easily find it and read it int the future (if you want to). 

Not sure where to start? It doesn't matter. Just start. Write whatever comes to mind and every thought you have. Before you know it, your writing will flow easily.

Photo credits: Pixabay

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