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7 Things That Separate Good Friends From Everyone Else

There are so many types of friends. We meet them in different places and become friends for different reasons. Some friends are newer and some we have known forever. Some are temporary and some last throughout our lives. No matter where we found our friends and how long we have been friends, there are qualities that always mark a good friend.

A friend does not have to be a long term friend in order to be a good friend. There are many articles out there on what makes a good friend. Most of them use labels like loyalty, respect, honesty, etc. I think these are all good but I prefer to stay away from labels because they leave too much to interpretation and never mean the same thing to everyone. Instead, here are some behaviors that distinguish a good friend. Take a look at the list and whether you are being a good friend to others. Keep in mind that no one is perfect and no one is the perfect friend. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has things they can do better. Use this information to set a goal for yourself to be a better friend!

A good friend...

Makes you feel like getting together with you is a priority in their lives. Other friends make you feel you are filling in when their better friends aren’t available. Often, these other friends will cancel on you at the last minute if something better comes along.

Is happy for your successes. They are the first ones that want to help you celebrate. Other friends may be jealous or competitive.

Is responsive to texts. They always respond to your texts and apologize if it takes longer than expected. They let you know when they need to stop talking or chatting. Other friends don’t respond to your texts or drop the conversation in the middle.

Allows you your space when you need it, even if they don’t understand why. Sometimes you just don’t want to see anyone or you have another priority or time commitment that you don’t wish to share. A good friend will understand. Others will question you and make demands on your time.

Is there for you when times are bad. They help when they can or they are just there to lend an ear. Others run as soon as times get tough.

Is forgiving. They love you unconditionally. Others get angry, hold grudges, create drama, or cut you off.

Is someone you are comfortable around. There’s nothing better than getting together with someone who makes you laugh. Others may make you uncomfortable, self-conscious, or tense.

This is a short list and I’m sure there are many other behaviors that distinguish good friends from everyone else. If you have anything to add, please comment in the comments box below!

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