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4 Things You Should Do When You are Unhappy

Everyone goes through times when they are unhappy. This is not to be confused with profound and intense sadness (like when you lose a loved one), but when you are unhappy about a particular part of your life or more than one part of your life. When you are not feeling happy, there are some things that can help and other things that you should never do:

Take Care of Yourself Physically

DON’T turn to food or alcohol. It may sound obvious by many people do this without even thinking. Often, when people do this, they will eat or drink too much and although they may feel a moment of relief, in the long run they will be disappointed with themselves and this could lead to further unhappiness.

DO Exercise and drink plenty of water. Sounds cliché, I know. But exercising will release endorphins which will improve your mood.

Stay Busy

DON’T lay around and do nothing. As tempting as it may sound, doing nothing does nothing to lighten your mood. In fact, people who do nothing end up being more lethargic than people who are active.

DO Engage in a project or hobby. Being productive is one of the best cures for unhappiness. Creating something new. Fix something. Learn something. Just do something (watching TV doesn’t count, sorry.)


DON’T alienate friends and family. These are the people who are there for you. They love you. They want to help. When you isolate or alienate them you will only create more unhappiness around you. Don’t make them miserable, let them make you happy!

DO Socialize with friends. When you are around people you like and having a good time, you will take your mind off of whatever is making you unhappy. And who is to say that just because you are unhappy about one thing, you can’t be happy in other parts of your life? You can also speak to those people in your life that are easily talk to. Sometimes just talking makes you feel a little better.


DON’T spend all of your time focusing on your unhappiness. Focusing on unhappiness does not help to improve your mood.

DO focus on the positive. This is a real trick. Compartmentalize the part of your life that is making you unhappy. It’s OK to know it exists, acknowledge it and improve it. It is NOT OK to dwell on it. Make a plan and set goals for how you will change this part of your life.

Photo Credits: Pixabay


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