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25 Random Acts of Kindness

Everyday we get caught up in our on world. We have things to do, places to go, people to see. We are so caught up in keeping up with our lives that we forget the little things that can make us happy. One way to make us happier is to make someone else happy. It doesn't have to take much time or money to do something nice for someone else. And the more you do for others selflessly, the more satisfaction you get from your good deeds and the happier you will be.

Here are some examples of random acts of kindness:

  1. Hold the door open for someone else to walk through.

  2. Let a car cut in front of you in traffic.

  3. Pay for the coffee for the next person in the drive-thru.

  4. Write a nice note to someone to brighten their day.

  5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

  6. Donate unused clothes.

  7. Spend time speaking with an elderly person.

  8. Offer to go grocery shopping for a sick friend.

  9. Offer your seat to someone on a bus or train.

  10. Donate blood.

  11. Hold the elevator door for someone else.

  12. Donate books to the library / hospital.

  13. Say hello and smile to people you walk past at work.

  14. Be welcoming to a new family in the neighborhood or town.

  15. Bring coffee to a co-worker or friend.

  16. Lend an ear to someone who is going through a tough time.

  17. Help an elderly person take out their trash.

  18. Shovel snow for a neighbor.

  19. Compliment someone for a job well done.

  20. Celebrate other people’s successes.

  21. Give food or a bottle of water to a homeless person.

  22. Help look for a lost pet.

  23. Buy canned food to donate.

  24. Buy flowers for a friend or relative for no reason at all.

  25. Encourage people’s dreams.

There are many more things you can add to this list. What are some of your favorites?

(Photo Credits: Pixabay )

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